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easy, ramen

off the road again...

Posted on 2010.08.15 at 21:37
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
So... i play in a band.  I've been doing in for a while.  we tend to have fun when things are all worky.  in the past non-worky has led to a lot of stress and people turnover.

 This weekend Factory Seconds had our first road gig.  We packed everything up friday night, and at the crack of dawn headed on out to Montville Maine to be one of 6 bands in the Summer Sonic Tonic @ Waterfall Arts. 6 bands, a fortune teller, homemade ice cream, sculpture, art, hoops, face painting, and swimming in a waterfall/hiking/climbing rocks. I cannot believe what an awesome time it was.  Our set was crazy upbeat and so much fun!  I absolutely adore the band that played after us as well, Whiffle Tree. I hope they invite us back.  

The whole day just turned into some sort of euphoric gig high, followed by some joking, philosophizing, getting band members to play some of their own music while up late night in a little cabin, and then camping.  

Sunday we met a friend for breakfast, went swimming in a quarry in Hope, then headed on for some busking in Portland.  Folks seemed pretty happy to hear us, and there was one little kid that had us all smiling with his dancing through everything.  Our drummer was a bit ill and so we broke it up into two sets, and a few of us from Russian Nonsemble did a partial rendition of Dark Eyes, and another busker who took the stage after us (this guy named Yanni with a great keyboard/amp setup that he wore slung like a guitar with a little contact mic for vocals) busted in with some semi-operatic stylings in Russian. Top notch!

In fact, we closed out our set with Hot Box Car, and he jumped right in with an improv piece using the rhythm/chord progression.  I would love to steal him down to boston for a set.

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