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Shows shows shows!  You love it you want it.  

ENSMB/circus shows tonight and tomorrow!

The Boston Circus Guild presents
Bohemian Bacchanalia
featuring Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
Jan 6 & 7 at Oberon
Doors at 8:00, Show at 8:30.
This is an 18+ event. Tickets are $15 in advance (which includes ticket fees!), $20 at the door.

Enter a world that conjures forth old time carnivals, mysterious vagabonds, beguiling pageants & profane revelries. Come for the carousing and merrymaking and be entranced by a full coterie of artists of the Boston Circus Guild. For TWO magical evenings see some of the most talented artists in New England perform their music, juggling, acrobatics, aerials and hooping, featuring Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, Rogue Burlesque, Johnny Blazes, Vadalna Dance Company, A Different Spin and many more!http://www.cluboberon.com/events/bohemian-bacchanalia 

zen ozy
Posted on 2010.09.05 at 08:57
 Yesterday i did a good clean of my room... i am completely sore from the endeavor.

I treated it as a clean/destash/find space for stuff event.  I'm not done.  I still have a good portion of my clothes to go through, and the art supply shelf.... but as it is, i have a whole carload of goodwill stuff and I actually have floor real estate in my room, and I'm down to one box. (my room has, for the last year, had a wall of boxes in it)

I still have some storage boxes in the basement as well, but i will live to deal with that later.

It's nice... my room looks like someone sane lives there, and i found my missing glasses (yay!).

Essentially, it's like I'm finishing moving in from a year ago. 

easy, ramen

off the road again...

Posted on 2010.08.15 at 21:37
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
So... i play in a band.  I've been doing in for a while.  we tend to have fun when things are all worky.  in the past non-worky has led to a lot of stress and people turnover.

 This weekend Factory Seconds had our first road gig.  We packed everything up friday night, and at the crack of dawn headed on out to Montville Maine to be one of 6 bands in the Summer Sonic Tonic @ Waterfall Arts. 6 bands, a fortune teller, homemade ice cream, sculpture, art, hoops, face painting, and swimming in a waterfall/hiking/climbing rocks. I cannot believe what an awesome time it was.  Our set was crazy upbeat and so much fun!  I absolutely adore the band that played after us as well, Whiffle Tree. I hope they invite us back.  

The whole day just turned into some sort of euphoric gig high, followed by some joking, philosophizing, getting band members to play some of their own music while up late night in a little cabin, and then camping.  

Sunday we met a friend for breakfast, went swimming in a quarry in Hope, then headed on for some busking in Portland.  Folks seemed pretty happy to hear us, and there was one little kid that had us all smiling with his dancing through everything.  Our drummer was a bit ill and so we broke it up into two sets, and a few of us from Russian Nonsemble did a partial rendition of Dark Eyes, and another busker who took the stage after us (this guy named Yanni with a great keyboard/amp setup that he wore slung like a guitar with a little contact mic for vocals) busted in with some semi-operatic stylings in Russian. Top notch!

In fact, we closed out our set with Hot Box Car, and he jumped right in with an improv piece using the rhythm/chord progression.  I would love to steal him down to boston for a set.



Posted on 2010.06.01 at 14:27
So I'm going to be playing and performing at Figment Boston 2010 this upcoming weekend in Cambridge.

If you're within smoke signalling distance, you should be there!

You'll also be able to see some great art, hear some great music, and see performances from a whole bunch of other nifty folks.




Posted on 2010.02.23 at 15:04
Current Mood: amusedamused
I'm still a kid....

so at work sometimes i just input historical data into the database from a ledger, that's fine and not hard.

every time i come across a specimen whose species name is fornicata, i can't help but laugh.



Posted on 2009.09.24 at 16:35
Current Location: museum
Current Mood: productiveproductive
So I'm prolly brewing beer next week, likely Tuesday or Wednesday eve. Woo.

I'm aiming to make a batch for H-party out in dryden... though since we have the facilities, i may just make a 10 gallon batch and have half for the s'ville area. Might be smart since I can keg that, stick in my buddy's kegerator, and then bottle the other half.

Anyhow... if anyone wants to hang/take part/enjoy me looking at timers and ranting and raving about the time it takes water to boil... let me know and i'll send you a note to come hang.



Posted on 2009.09.23 at 00:22
Current Mood: inspired
So... tonight i went to meet and greet. it was marvelously restorative considering the emotional crap fan hitting going on of late (though there are many of you who have made me crack smiles in the meanwhile, and i love you).

Here is the skinny...

I had a moment while talking to Rob Daman this evening...
He asked how i was doing and i shrugged and he was all "what???"

my reply: "i have not been raising nearly enough hell lately."

And you know what... this is true.

my response to this... where did i go? what rock am i hiding under?

I will argue, dear readers, that I have been FAR too back seat over the last few years. I've been cowing to the critiques of old voices in my head (some of whom are actual people who are not me, and some of whom are just the embodiment of people in my head... if that makes sense).... and they tend to say things like "be happy with what you get."

You may think... with the scul stuff, and the art stuff, and the factory seconds shenanigans... the beeradvocacy, the grad school, and the firefly antics that i have arrived... but i tell you, i am slacking.

You know what? My response to Rob was absolutely accurate. I have not been raising nearly enough hell. This can be said of the last 5 years. Something happened back in 2003/4 where I got lost, and I'm finally aggravated and awake enough to demand more of myself and the world.

I have not been raising nearly enough hell lately... and that is going to change. This goes for all the rest of you too... bring on that fun and joy. What happened to being stupid, and jumping in puddles, and hugs, and running off to the middle of nowhere and just trying to get home? Why don't I know who serves the best root beer float in the boston metro area??? This is TRAGIC.

Also... good sichuan foods can be had in Central Sq.... this makes me happy (yay seph and jess for the hanging with the me and feeling less ridiculous about life).

Good company abounds, and since when did i stop hanging out with people one on one? I know some folks i fraternize with find it intimidating.... well fuck that. For the uninitiated... i might be intimidating if you are afraid of a conversation... of playing with ideas. You know what? Come to my dinners, come to my parties, but you are no longer my priority. The masses are nice, attendance is nice, but i am re-keying my life to quality rather than quantity.

It's not like I have no clue what I want... it's that most people won't put out. That's fine... because I actually know a lot of fucking people... and many of them are awesome. There are more awesome people out there too...

I am rededicated, in a really exciting kind of way, to *living* fun. I have a dearth of wicked grins in my life, and i plan to remedy that starting now.

easy, ramen

news of the positive...

Posted on 2009.08.28 at 08:41
alright... time to write about something good to remind myself while my allergies are bugging the shit out of me.

* cold brewed coffee RULES! thank me for remembering to make it. *love*
* I fucked up making rice a roni last night.... but instead made rice a rissoto.... what? turbo win.

easy, ramen


Posted on 2009.08.24 at 16:03
Guess who's running into a wall of "oh crap why isn't my shit packed up???!???"

I hate being a brinksman... i hate feeling like the whole situation is slipping away from me... or rather that i've let it get away from me.

I have a lot of work to do this week... but if I think it through organizationally, and have enough whiskey, i should be able to conquer:

* MONDAY: Pick up clothes and stuffing that got strewn across the studio... try to get to 70% packed in there. (stupid dog making my work harder).  Start massive paper dump pile to be ready for recycling on Wed. (Ask NP to pack up DVDs in the closet, and clear his stuff away from under the coffee table)

* TUESDAY: Finish up the studio.  Dismantle the desk and storage shelf.  Put tacked art in portfolio, bring portfolio down to start packing up the wall hangings... TAKE THE NAILS.  Finish off packing clothes/shoes, put aside a small pile in little suitcase to live out of.

* WEDNESDAY: Finish off my bedroom... crap that's not books off all shelves.  Try to make dining room a way-station for things that can go (get studio crap downstairs). This is stuff I could bring over Saturday. Make up boxes/crates for kitchen stuff... get 2 bottom cabinets and maybe one of the shelves cleared out.  Add to impending wall of boxes of doom in the dining room.

*THURSDAY: more common space packing/cleaning. Get the bathroom scrubbed up.  Box or toss.  erase walls. More kitchen boxing.  Get headway on comics library.  Assess what's left and plan out Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday plan of attack.

*FRIDAY: fret.  maybe get more boxes/containers/help. 

*SATURDAY: *maybe* go to grover's... maybe. definitely get file cabinets and some boxes into the basement of new place.

*SUNDAY: finish kitchen aside from crap to eat off for a couple days.

*MONDAY: since stuff should be *done*... at this point i can clean down the house.... sweep, dust, scrub, etc.  Pass out/cry/continue drinking into stupor.

*TUESDAY: moving day.  blow out arms... cry.. throw a fit... christen new place in a beer induced stupor, and toast my own get-it-done-ness on the new porch.


my roots...

Posted on 2009.06.16 at 15:58
so if you don't read the stuff i write over on my site (haptotrope  made an lj feed ehawks_rafters), then you missed out on me sharing some of where i come from today.

i have spent my day listening to music i grew up with, and jammed with my dad with.  to me, this was the essence of christmas (which we often spent in puerto rico), and the essense of fun leisure time on sundays, or road trips where it was me and my dad...

getting back to some semblance of my roots

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